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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 16, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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probably yes, but what do you think? let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left for this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> despite all our progress against isil. our efforts have not reduced the group's terrorism capability and global reach. >> but that's not what mr. brennan's boss, the president, said just two days ago. >> isil is under more pressure than ever before. isil continues to lose key leaders. >> tonight, why isis is winning the propaganda war. >> this is united states terrorism. same as the guy that shot up that church. >> yeah. >> it's no different. >> the left refusing to believe that islamic terrorism is the real danger to america. but why won't they believe it? we will tell you. >> a young man feeding a nacho to another man,
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everybody has a mouth, bill. >> i have seen you do that to bolling on the five. >> also ahead a viewer poll, should gutfeld and mcguirk get raises? >> probably not. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why the presidential campaign is so difficult to cover. that is the subject of this evening talking points memo. the latest polling is donald trump's unfavorable number at about 70%. hillary clinton clocking in just under 60% unfavorable. that's why i believe we may have low voter turnout in november. in the meantime, i have to cover this race in the fairest way possible. that means no cheap shots. no gotcha stuff. no personal attacks on either candidate. it also means skepticism about what trump and clinton
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say and do and challenging their positions. but with so many americans not lining beings candidates, the concept of fair play is hard to pull off. the left wants to demonize trump. and if you don't do that you are in the tank for him and very bad person right wants to hammer secretary clinton on everything, if you don't do that you're selling out and a very bad person. also, if you don't openly root for a candidate you become suspect in the eyes of followers. this year it is very personal. today on good morning america george certify plus asked me about some republicans who won't support trump. that's a standard question from the national media i said it was style not substance that is fueling gop dissent. it is the way donald trump blently states his case that has alienated many. but, if you want to tell the truth, and i do, the no prisoners approach is why trump is the nominee. he has rallied voters who are fed up with politics as
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usual. now, is that analysis fair? of course it is. but many will condemn me because i did not condemn trump. same thing with hillary clinton and president obama. if you don't despise everything they do, you are misguided. if you do criticize them, you are a conservative zealot. right now politics in the u.s.a. is dysfunctional. here's the big headline today. shortly after the orlando terror attack, mr. obama said this. >> since i last updated the american people on our campaign two months ago, we have seen that this continues to be a difficult fight but we are making significant progress. so this campaign, at this on all cylinders. >> but a funny thing happened on the way to the terror war battlefield. today just two days after mr. obama's optimistic statement, the director of the cia said this: >> unfortunately, despite all our progress against isil on the battlefield and
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in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the group's terrorism capability and global reach. the resources needed for terrorism are very modest and the group would have to suffer even heavier losses on territory, manpower, and money for its terrorist capacity to decline significantly. >> mr. brennan is absolutely correct in his assessment. mr. obama is far too shortsighted on isis. again that's the truth. but it will not be accepted by obama devotes. you will be attacked as a false messenger. no longer does the truth set us free. the current political climate, the truth, gets you hammered. that's the memo. now for the top story. with us here for reaction in new york city eric bolling and geraldo rivera. any quibbles, bolling. >> you are spot on on almost all of it.
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it is personal. donald trump is getting a lot of attention because of this no holds barred antipolitically correct rhetoric that he wants to throw out there and it's working for him. i will take exception with the one thing you said you think it will be a low turnout election night. i think it's going to be record turnout. >> that's speculation. >> of course it is. the primary has proved it. people are incensed on both sides. you are so right though. if you say you think trump may be right in this area right here this little thing right there they attack you. >> on the left? >> no. some on the center right will attack you too because they hate trump too. >> 70% don't like trump. >> well, how about. >> the right doesn't like him and the left that doesn't like him. i have lost more friends in this election cycle than ever before. >> i haven't lost any friends because i haven't had any to start with. that's what they were going to say so i beat them to it. >> i have been your friend for almost 15 areas that. >> shows you how desperate i
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am for companionship. >> it really does. i count myself among the few. >> let's take the big headline today that the president of the united states, two days after this terrible orlando thing goes on and says you know what? we got it under control. cia guy comes up and says no we don't. >> brennan is absolutely right. >> wait, wait, wait. that's a big, big story that the president is not in sync with the cia director fighting the big terror threat. >> while granted it's a big story. i believe isis has to be wiped out. >> stay on owe bomb marks brennan. stay there. >> i think the president has a rosy view like the red glasses i always wear of his efforts on behalf of the nation because of fighting. >> it's not true. >> is he trying to spin it. he is seven and a half years in. you are missing the bigger picture. the bigger partisan divide. the main thrust of your remarks. look at orlando. you have bolling saying this is about radical islam. this is about radical
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terrorism. you have the left saying no, this is about gun control. the fact that a person on the terror watch list can go buy a machine gun, an assault weapon. every four years this happens to me here. >> every year it happens. >> every four years it happens. when i came here almost 15 years ago and covering the war on terror. everybody was my friend. come on, let's fight them, let's fight them. then what happened? 2004, the kerry bush election, all of a sudden i say look at john kerry. he is not only a senator, is he a bronze star winner, is he a silver star winner and purple heart recipient is he a war hero as opposed to george w. bush who evaded combat duty by getting -- i was pummeled and swift voted myself it happens every four years around here. now suspected of being a secret agent for hillary clinton. >> you are. >> respond to geraldo's accusation that i came up with this idea that omar mateen was some sort of operative for isis. no, he did. he said he was isis. he said he pledged
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allegiance to isis. he named al baghdadi. he talked to saudi arabia. >> what was james holmes in aurora. what was adam lanza. >> those guys were crazy. >> they were crazy but omar mateen is not crazy. >> sure is he. >> tie him to radical islam. five people. not me. five separate occasions. >> who happens to be muslim. he is a radical imam. >> want to listen to the difference? again this goes back to the truth. this is a central force of evil, isis, directing terror attacks. now, some of the direction is straight on, here you go, mohammed, you go into paris you kill. some of the direction is indirect. omar mateen. but there is a central force of evil that is directing attacks against america and the west. the others that you mentioned are not directed in any central way. which is why whoopi goldberg and the far left are so misguided. the major threat to us now
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is not random violence, it's organized sanctioned violence. >> i think it is both. i think that the existential threat. i agree that the existential threat to our open free society is radical islam use of targeting mass civilians. >> civilians. >> as soft targets because at some point it's not going to be just assault weapons it's going to be biological. >> as big as they can go. >> nuclear. all the rest of it. i think it is existential crisis. but to pretend that a law that awill yous someone on the terror watch list for goodness sake three times by the fbi to buy a machine gun with no waiting time, this is bizarre. >> that's what they call. >> 30 rounds of ammunition. >> it's not the main issue. and when the president and commander and chief will not -- will not confront the main issue. >> the world is not a simple
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place. >> let's get bolling in. >> the point you were originally making for geraldo is john brennan and geraldo not on the same page. john brennan said they are coming into the refugee programmer. >> coming in everywhere, sure. >> president obama is trying to increase the refugee program. therein lie as huge. >> and trump. >> omar mateen was born in new york city for goodness sake. when are we going to confront that reality? nidal hasan born in america. >> hold it, geraldo, i have got to go but just point this out. mateen's father was part of the afghan refugee program. >> a total nut job. >> during the soviet invasion. so you can't. >> i have relatives that were in the russian revolution. >> i know you do. >> what about you with the irish and british? >> we were all peaceful. every one of us. we were two things peaceful and handsome. the o'reillys. >> you have all had enough of them. i have. next on the rundown, the real reason bernie sanders
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which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? in the impacts segment tonight. bernie sanders still challenging hillary clinton but it's really all over. however, the senator gave the secretary a scare, did he not? and he could have defeated her had he developed any kind of antiterrorist strategy which did he not. at least i don't think he did. joining us now from las vegas angie a delegate for sanders and former ohio state senator and sanders supporter. how would bernie sanders defeat them, ms. turner. >> you know, bill, the senator talked about this is a fight for the heart and soul of islam. he talked about building coalitions with the arab
8:15 pm
nations in the middle east. he stated very clearly that as the united states we cannot do it alone. that we need the nations in that part of the world to team up with us. you know he is really big in not saying that americans can do this. >> i think you are absolutely right, ms. turner. because that is the only anti-strategy, anti-isis strategy that i heard that the united states has to build a coalition of arab nations in order to go, i guess, attack on the ground the isis savages. now, ms. morelli, do you know anything more than that? was there anything that mr. sanders brought in that we didn't really hear? >> i think that the fact that less than 24 hours after we saw the last vote placed in this presidential election we had both of the presumptive nominees go up in front of the american people and agree on the fact that we should continue bombing these countries. >> bombing? >> as a solution to the mass shootings that we're having in whatever attacks that we
8:16 pm
are having here in america. >> ms. morelli, surely you know that john brennan the cia director says the bombing isn't really slowing these guys down. they are at the as it sizing going everywhere. >> scwangtsly. >> you want to drop bigger bombs like a bomb on raqqa? the bomb isn't slowing them down. >> we have clearly learned violence begets violence. this is doing nothing and make this situation worse. >> stop the bombing and maybe, i don't know, they don't really negotiate if you send someone in there they cut off their head. it's hard to have a discussion when your head is gone. i'm not getting really what bernie sanders would do, all right, violence begets violence, okay, but, you know, we are getting people killed in the street. let's get back to you, ms. turner, why do you think president obama in seven and a half years hasn't been able to put together this arab coalition that bernie sanders fairly confident he could put together. why couldn't president obama do it? >> i'm not sure about that bill. surely the leadership has
8:17 pm
his style and things he believes in why would bernie sanders say he we need, key word need coalition to fight isis. i mean why do you say we need it if we have it? >> bill, i want to compare -- senator sanders has his way that he would lead as president and president obama has his way what is patently clear is we can no longer do this wrong nato could help out a lot. >> i didn't hear bernie sanders mention nato and i didn't hear him mention the special forces, president obama has put them on the ground. i didn't hear bernie sanders miss morelli didn't mention anything specific other than arab partners. i don't know what partners could defeat isis or why they haven't so far, ms. morelli. >> continuing to going and dropping bombs on these
8:18 pm
populations has only in the last few decades made the situation worse. i'm telling you this. >> so does he want, do you think the senator in your opinion wants to stop the bombing because you think he wants to stop it? >> i think what we need to i do think what he would want to do is he would come to a different conclusion. >> decades ago. >> you are a delegate for him. what conclusion would that be. >> i'm also a united states marine i'm telling you as somebody to deployed in afghanistan in 2004 that what we're doing right now is not making the situation any better. >> let's get back to your guy bernie sanders, what's the conclusion? he doesn't want to bomb. okay. arab coalition, i don't know -- >> -- he never said that bill. he said isis must be destroyed. >> how? how? >> he has said that time and time again. >> how? >> this is not just about -- you know, national and international terrorism as you know when the senator was campaigning did he have a laser focus on domestic issues. we are not talking about that tonight because my theory is he might have beaten her had he had any
8:19 pm
strategy against isis. >> i don't think that's the only -- >> -- we have sat here for five minutes. >> i don't think that's the only reason, bill. >> neither of you could articulate anything the senator. >> you just don't like what we are a particulated. >> exactly. >> you don't like what we are saying. >> let by peter o'toole and lawrence to defeat isis and that's why your guy lost because he didn't have any. >> that's not true, bill. >> you want for two bernie supporters to be able to explain to you. >> sure it is if you are supporting a guy in a war you have got to know his major decisions. >> you see, this is not an easy solution. >> not the only reason. >> i don't support anybody unless i know their positions and nobody knows. >> we are a particulated his positions. >> i gave you five minutes and all we got was arab coalition. >> oh my god. >> why does isis hate gay people? and why do some on the left not want to confront that terror group? and bernie goldberg on the media playing politics with the terror killings? those reports after these messages. you do what it takes to be healthy.
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personal story seeing. tent, president obama traveled to orlando today to pay his respects to the 49 innocent people killed by an isis-inspired terrorist; vice president biden was there as well. despite attempts on the left to play down the isis threat, the director of the cia was quite clear today. >> we judge that isil is training and attempting to deploy operatives for further attacks. isil has a large cadre of western fighters who could potentially serve as operatives for attacks in the west. and the group is probably exploring a variety of means for infiltrating operatives into the west, including refugee flows, smuggling routes and legitimate methods of travel.
8:24 pm
>> joining us is isis inside the army of terror author. i believe mr. brennan. i think you do, too. that isis has not been marginalize to do any great extent that they want to come to the united states and other western countries to causes a much murder and mayhem as they can correct? >> you are absolutely right. >> okay. you just heard the discussion with bernie sanders surrogates and i admire them for coming on because the senator doesn't have the courage to face me because he knows he doesn't have anything. but i want to be fair. you are an expert. have you reached it bernie sanders have any plan to defeat isis at all? >> no. he doesn't. i mean, the problem with the left in general is that they like slogans more than policies that work. they don't have the stomach to wage the kind of war necessary to defeat isis. in iraq they pulled out or they pushed for the pulling out of iraq before iraq was ready to govern itself. in syria they wouldn't stop
8:25 pm
assad who allowed isis to take 1/3 of syria. and i say that not as an outsider but as someone who is directly involved in this. i come from an your controlled by isis. i have a family and friends there who go, you know, go through this suffering on a daily basis. we hear about shocking stories involving isis every now and then here in the west and the wider region. but these people, when they go to the market on a daily basis they see these severed heads on sticks or they see people crucified, burned alive. you know, these are not -- this threat should be -- cannot continue forever. it has to be felt. >> based on your research, what is the best way to confront and defeat isis? >> well, there needs to be -- there needs to be a more consistent policy,
8:26 pm
military campaign to defeat isis. the problem with the obama administration is that it's first under sold the threat of isis and now they are overselling the progress that it has made against isis. >> you just heard john brennan who is an honest man the head of the cia contradict the president and say, look, this group is as threatening as they have ever been. all the bombings that we have done and manipulation we have done may have, you know, defeated them some places but now they are starting to come to the west. and that brings me to my last question for you. and you alluded to it. there is a movement in this country on the left to down play the isis threat. there is no doubt about it. why do you think that is? >> absolutely. i think they don't understand the threats. >> they have to understand the threats. hasan, you just laid it out. people are getting burned to death. crucified. innocent people, women raped. they have to understand it.
8:27 pm
>> but you see, they would rather engage in bickering and endless bickering rather than policies that work. >> why? >> i mean, this -- they have to understand first, this organization is nothing we have seen before. i say that, firsthand accounts on the ground. i come from an area. >> we have seen it before mr. hasan. we have seen in europe and world war ii. it's the same kind of thing that the third reich brought. but, anyway. i recommend your book for everybody. isis inside the army of terror. you do define the true threat. and we as a country really have to take it seriously and find a way to defeat it we appreciate you coming on. bernie goldberg on donald trump and all the media attention he is getting. that should be interesting discussion. also gutfeld and mcguirk their fates may be decided by you, the factor viewer. should we give them a raise? i hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪
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8:32 pm
that church. >> yeah. >> it's no different. it's no different than the guy that shot up the school. i am more concerned about us. >> all right. joining us from washington shannon bream here in new york city. we used miss bold goldbergens sound bite she epitomizes the left they don't see isis colossus across the world it's all mentally disturbed people in the united states who hate guys or hate blacks or they hate whatever. now we have asked sean to come up with fly of the most outrange just headlines about the orlando attack. first one comes from think process. conservatives try to scapegoat islam, if you can believe this. conservatives try to scapegoat islam to void possibility for were lbgt license. >> my sensationalize spark anti-islam sentiment that
8:33 pm
fuels it that doesn't make radical islam more violent against lbgt people than the conservative christians. >> so conservative christians in america are just as violent toward guys in this unbelievably loony operation than isis, correct? >> written by zach ford who likens isis and radical islamic terrorism. >> equivalency there. okay. the second one comes from a magazine that eric shawn has a subscription to. tino vogue. here is the teen vogue headline. this is teenagers. orlando shooting is proof that american culture fuels homophobe i can't. and how does this go down? >> omar was the product of american culture. the rage he held in his heart for gay people and perhaps himself is the same rage fueling streets visibly queer and nonconforming people. american culture that made omar mateen kill not isis. american culture. >> it's us. >> teen vogue put that out.
8:34 pm
>> headline of teen vogue is dream prom. >> this was like another article. >> and just the lowest of the low. i hate to do this but i have to, salon, i mean, you don't get worse. quote, overcompensation nation. it's time to admit the toxic masculinity drives gun violence. >> amanda marcotte is the writer wrote for obvious political reasons conservatives are hurst ling as fast as they can to make it about radical islam which is to say there is trying to imply that there's something inherent in nonnation christianity that causes such is violence. hypocrite for entire world. >> i don't want to get into it. >> and blaming everybody. >> the headlines are enough, sean. >> let's go to something that effect everybody who has a cell phone. ms. bream has been studying, yeah, now if you put a cell phone to your head, research
8:35 pm
now funded by the u.s. government says that this might be bad for your health. tell me. >> okay. if you are a male rat, who overuses your cell phone over two years period. >> that's me a male rat. don't. >> there is a chance you could develop a tumor. >> sean male rat uses the phone a lot. >> basically what they did was exposed these rats to cell phone level radiation over their entire body for nine hours a day for two years and found that the male rats in the study had to 2% to 3% higher chance of developing tumor or cancer. can't draw hard and fast link to humans. interesting thing is rats not exposed from the radiation cell phones actually died sooner. maybe your fell phone is keeping you alive. >> dated sooner than the rats that god ratation. don't have rats that are texting. i think the rats texting. dumpster out burger king
8:36 pm
let's meet. >> there can come through your fingers. >> u.s. study right now really doesn't -- we don't have to worry about that right? >> guy one of the lead researchers on the study says he is going to continue to use his cell phone on his face with ear buds or whatever he is not worried. >> steven king book everybody on cell phone is going to continue into a zombie. i'm looking forward to that. >> some already seem like they are. >> walking dead o'reilly factor thank you guys, bernie on playing politics with killings. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise...
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android smartphones start at $19.99. or bring your favorite smartphone phone. tracfone. do everything for less. boil boil thanks for staying with us bill o'reilly. two hot topics this evening linking republicans to terrorism and a new study out of harvard saying donald trump is benefiting from media coverage. as some of you may know i attended the kennedy school of government at harvard and that's where the trump study was done. the conclusion donald trump is exploiting the media and that's why he is the nominee. the study is put together largely by liberal democrats who now dominate the kennedy school. joining us from north carolina is bernie goldberg. what's the head line of the study from you. >> you spent time up there
8:41 pm
so you can give me the behind the scenes story. one headline is that in the early stages of the campaign, donald trump did better in the news media than hillary clinton. got more positive coverage because he was new. he was different. he was a shiny object. he was a reality tv show guy who was condition distantly rising in the polls. but now, now, he is not new. he is not a shiny object. he is not different. the coverage will be relentlessly negative. >> right. >> but there is -- what i saw the study is that he got a $5 million of free media coverage. well, part of the reason, bernie, is because trump is accessible. then they said well governor bush was second and this and that we couldn't get jeb bush on the program. do you know how many times we asked him to come on the program. he wouldn't come on. kasich wouldn't come on. they wouldn't come on. trump would come on. what do they expect? of course is he going to get more media coverage. >> right. the point they are trying to
8:42 pm
make is that you if you get a lot of media coverage early on, they say early on is when the media can make or break a candidate are those words. he got a lot of coverage early on for the reason you said but also because he was so entertaining. >> yes. >> and totally different way. >> wasn't boring like the others. i told john kasich i said look, we know you did a great job in ohio you can't say it 86 times. you have got to come out and say something new. right? >> right. >> the other thing about the kennedy school study is that it just totally discounted that trump went on msnbc, he went in to the precincts that were hostile to him. now, he doesn't do that as much. of course you are going of course, when you call somebody little marco and when you run counsel you are boring, you are fat, you are, this you are that. of course you take up more coverage. >> what's interesting to me it's going to be turned upside down, favorable coverage early on so
8:43 pm
different. now that they know him. >> they hate him. and you and i could have predicted this five years ago. whenever the republicans pick their nominee inevitably the democrat gets much better coverage than the republican. >> all right. the second thing is that there is a "new york times," what, was it an editorial or article linking the g.o.p. to orlando in some way? >> right. right. i have a general rule. i don't read "new york times" editorials because i don't like it when my head explodes. but, i read this one. okay? i'm going to read you one short section of it. it says hate crimes don't happen in a vacuum, which is true. they occur where bigotry is allow to do fester, where minorities are vilified and where people are scapegoated for political gain. tragically, this is the state of -- are you ready for this? this is the state of american politics driven too often by, here we go, driven
8:44 pm
by republican politicians who see prejudice as something to edges plot not extinguish. let's see if we understand. this because some republican politicians are against same sex marriage, they somehow are complies complicit in the murder of 49 innocent people. really? by that logic if orlando happened four years ago, do you know who would be complicit in the murders? barack obama and hillary clinton. because they were also against same sex marriage. very quickly, this is how i'm calling it editorial but really indictment against republicans and america itself because this is how it ends. the 49 people killed in orlando were victims of a terrorist attack. but they were also -- they also need to be remembered as casualties of a society where hate has deep roots. what society is that, bill? is it the islamic state where gay people are marched
8:45 pm
off of rooftops to their deaths? no. is it parts of the islamic world where simply being gay is punishable by death? no. the hateful, dangerous society that the editorial board of the "new york times" is so worried about is the united states of america. >> right. which is legalizing gay marriage almost everywhere. all right. bernie. good analysis. that was veto the point. i appreciate it gutfeld and mcguirk on deck. should we give the boys a raise? now, you're going to decide. we're going to vote on that moments away.
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
back of the book segment tonight. what the heck just happened. usually at this time we present to you greg gutfeld
8:49 pm
and bernard mcguirk. but the boys have gone missing and nobody is looking for them. so now we have a question for you. should gutfeld and mcguirk get raises? we have a vote on bill o' to guide your decision please consider these past moments ♪ ♪ >> gutfeld, i think you should recuse yourself from the five. >> why is that? >> i think it's a political thing with you there. >> yes, it is. >> and the other four don't get a fair shake. >> yes, it's true. i think i'm very biased i should get recused for the whole month of summer. >> july and august. >> exactly. >> that's racist what you just said have him recuse himself from the five. >> yes why? >> gutfeld is not a minority. >> i'm short. >> you are running out of steam. >> yeah, i don't have anything. so you go right ahead. >> here is the interesting thing about hillary. this should be a great moment for her. >> yes. >> historic moment. but it's not -- it doesn't feel that way.
8:50 pm
it's like she won this but nobody really cares. it's like you are finally going to club medicine -- med and you get a cold sore. the joy is out of it meanwhile, sanders is almost becoming out of it. i feel kind of bad. sanders is almost becoming the nominee. >> it's a very historic event. hillary is the presumptive nominee, the first presumptive nominee to be under fbi investigation. >> u.s. grant had a tough time. >> that was my nickname in high school. >> and is it a surprise that crooked hillary -- >> no crooked hillary on this program. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> i'm talking. it's about time, though. up until that night his
8:51 pm
deference to subry was nauseating. that night was like his bar mitzvah. he became a man. >> barney finally came out of his shell and won michigan two days later. >> gutfeld, you're up in. >> you look behind donald trump you'll see a young man feeding a nacho to another man. this is a new diet craze. studies find you eat less if you're fed by someone else's filthy hand. i want to see the nacho. >> donald trump planted this because he's going after the chip eating vote. everybody has a mouth. >> i've seen you do that to bolling. >> it's something we like to do
8:52 pm
after the show. >> i've seen you do it on the air. is there anything wrong with that? >> i think it's beautiful, especially when they're inside the red bubble. >> the emperor has no clothes while everyone around him is saying they insist they see clothes, the alarm is sounding now. maybe the last voice we ever hear. >> the last voice we'll ever hear is bernie sanders and i'm not sure what he's getting at. >> i think he loves the young whipper snapper in bernie sanders. he's a go getter. i think -- i'm not sure they're still alive. >> he's an american hero. at 87 he married his young makeup artist. >> is that her in. >> i believe that's her. >> but listen, if he gets betty white he gets the assisted living vote. sanders does. they're on a roll.
8:53 pm
>> dick van dyke, a talented guy but i had no idea what he was talking about. it's like a science fiction movie where it's a little martian in his throat. >> that happened to me once. i ate at chipotle. >> they just knock me out. here's the poll question would gutfeld and mcguirk get pay raises? factor tip of the day, what many folks don't understand about guns in america. the tips moments away.
8:54 pm
in a good, clean salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient. whether it's big... or small. first to go. or best for last. sweet. or not so sweet. whether it's tossed... or twirled.
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8:56 pm
to get a zombie contributor we could go number bun. legends and lies the patriots, the best selling hard cover book in america. we thank you all for that. and all the killing books are selling briskly for father's day. dad and granddad will like that. and on that subject, miller and i will see everybody in connecticut this coming saturday, all 10,000 of you. evening show sold out but seats remain for the matinee. fest father's day on the planet, ticket to see who wants to be president shows in denver and atlanta. john williams, california, speaker paul ryan said point taken when you asked him to introduce kate's law. care to wage whether he'll introduce the bill? >> i think the speaker is a good man and i hope he honors their family trying to protect kate's law. john from california, o'reilly,
8:57 pm
after all your big hype about how you would quiz ryan, you were a failure. tayl taylor, palm harbor, florida, great job interviewing the speaker. i see all talk, little action. john thomas, california, bill, you interrupted the second person in line to become president. i did, john. and i interrupted the president himself, you may remember. that's my job, to get answers, not to moderate speeches. bruce, brooksville, florida, wi bill, you're wrong on the gator issue. every florida resident knows that gators can be at the edge. why didn they have a resort beah there, a beach where tourists bring their kids every single day. good grief. paul, los angeles, as a member
8:58 pm
former advanced man for ronald reagan i see where nancy reagan's former chief of staff has written a book. you should debate him. the issue is documentation. it's in stone. why should i debate it? by the way, we're shooting the movie "killing reagan" in atlanta. update on monday. i'm a history buff, getting my kids into it. is there anything we can read together? next week, the children's book "the day the president was shot." i'm sending you guy as copy and i hope you like it a lot. we put a lot of work into that. factor tip of the day, the tv series legends and lies resumes this coming sunday evening at 8:00. i spoke about how the history that we're showing you directly
8:59 pm
he la relates to the gun issue today on fox and friends. john adammings, how it relates to today is this is why we have all of the guns. because of the revolutionary war, because of the rebellion. and that's why the british lost. because all of the colonists had guns. you had to have a sidearm to survive and the government said we can't help you. you have to do it yourself. and that is why we have the second amendment. so the revolution in western expansion brought guns to this continent in great numbers. many folks abroad and even here do not know. factor tip of the day, know your history. and that is it for today. spout off about the factor anywhere from the world. word of the day, do not be
9:00 pm
caseous when writing to the factor. new word. thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. please remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the wife of the orlando terrorist is reportedly speaking out for the first time since saturday's attack. but instead of apologizing or blaming or husband, she's slamming the need ya for spreading what she calls lies. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. the huffington post published an article tonight, everything you're hearing about me is a lie. in it the author of the piece claims to have a source in direct contact with her, who is denying that she had anything to do with her husband's massacre this past weekend but also